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Foo Dog Farms

As Mother Nature intended 


We started Foo Dog Farms with the goal of offering patients and recreational customers a 100% all natural product. Grown in a living soil blend based on Clackamas Cloots recipe. With a crop cover consisting of clover, mustard, beans and marigolds. Also 100% all natural pest control consisting of praying mantises, ladybugs, and hummingbirds. Grown under the Sun and Moon as Mother Nature intended

Family owned and operated.

Wholesale Distributor 

operating under High Mountain Health & Wellness LLC

license CCD-MICB-2023-0010-PROD and CCD-MICB-2023-0010-MANU

Sales allowed in the state of New Mexico to licensed distributors ONLY

Only the finest sun grown flower

Truly Top-Notch

Foo dog farms also specializes in Temple ball hash, Kief infused products, Salves, CBD chill pills, RSO, Live rosin, and other concentrates.